Seahawks vs Broncos Live Stream: Game Preview, Predictions and TV info

The NFL regular season having been announced gives us a better idea of how the season will look like. With this knowledge, the next thing that comes about is the different game predictions.

Seahawks vs Broncos Live Stream

Seahawks vs Broncos Game Preview (Week 1)

Teams: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos
Venue: Broncos Stadium at Mile High
Date: Saturday, August 18th, 2018
Time: 7:00 PM PT
Online: NFL Game Pass
Mobile: Mobile applications
Radio: Sirius XM, Tune-In, Westwood One
TV: NFL Red Zone / FOX

Seattle fan has a notably difficult slate of the game. This is so evident with the NFL schedule being released through the off season. The Seahawks are actually tied of the Rams and Browns for the Fifth hardest schedules in 2018. For either of the team, however, there will be no easing. It begins right off the bat. The Seahawks have a challenging road trip to play the Broncos at Mile High as they kick off the season.

This Super Bowl XLVII will actually be one of the most difficult matches that Seattle will have to face in the entire season. It will resemble nothing to the Seahawks triumphant blowout of their championship in from the year 2013.

Denver, on the other hand, is not all merry. Broncos suffered a disappointing 2017 by going through the 5-11. This is, however, a very talented squad. Even when they are without a star corner Aqib Talib, their defense is still strong. The Seattle’s rebooted offense will have a trial by fire from the day 1 they have a face-off with the Broncos.

One of the wisest things that the Denver did in the offseason was to sign up the former Vikings quarterback Case Keenum. Keenum in the previous season had already proved himself worthy. He’s more than capable starting caliber player when he helped lead Minnesota to get to 12 wins.

The Broncos ferocious pass rush got better in a great way when Denver drafted a linebacker Bradley Chubb at the fifth position overall. Chubb was widely considered as the best defensive player of the time. They will, therefore, ensure that Miller will be double teamed. This will, therefore, allow him to wreak more havoc in the work.

The Broncos entire schedules in the 2018 season is not a walk in the park. Given the competition in the division, the schedule is very tough. There are however a handful of regular season games that are present from the matchups with the AFC North and the NFC West which have provided even more challenges for Denver in the Coming season.

Regardless of the opponents as they look over their schedule, it might be a great problem for Denver to solve its quarterback problem. Getting defenses from LA, Houston, Arizona among other places will not help. It will not make y task easier.

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Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Game Predictions

When the season schedule is out, the next thing that you ought to expect is the predictions. The fans are eager to place their bets on the winning team. Predictions will, therefore, help the fans to have a knowledge of what team is doing what and planning for the next team they will bet on. With the Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos, everyone is looking on the winning side.

Broncos have a very favorable lineup of the opponents. There are no obvious stretches where you feel like it’s not well. In the last 18 of the home openers, Broncos have won 17 of them. The Seahawks are however very notorious for their slow starts.

The match ought to be a win for Denver. Denver is a fast starter whereas Seattle is a slow starter. Denver has slowly been reloading its roaster after moving on from life Super Bowl. The Seahawks, on the other hand, have been hanging on to the haze of their championships that they got in 2013.

Losing your defense players makes you weak. There’s no way you can lose your defense and expect to remain strong. You actually become vulnerable. The tremendous warts of this team have been in a large portion been covered by Russel Wilson. Wilson will make plays, even playing against the loader Denver Defense. He may be the best QB who has been equipped to take on what is sure to be a terrifying pass rush. The Denver’s offense is very respectable and average in the best.

The prediction is that Broncos will have a win of 29 scores against 17 scores.

How to watch the Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos Game without cable

1. NFL Sunday Ticket

This package has been made available purposely for the people living in areas outside the service area of DirecTV. It is a DirecTV deal that gives you all the NFL streaming rights to watch all the games. Being part of the deal, DirecTV independently offers the NFL Sunday Ticket to those who are outside the DirecTV area.

The package offered is normally known as the NFL Sunday Ticket. It gives you everything.

There are two plans that you can use for the NFL Sunday Ticket. The cheapest plan is To Go that costs $69.99 a month. This one goes for four months. You will, therefore, pay $279.96 for the four months.

There is another more expensive package known as Max. This cost $94.99 per month meaning it goes for $379.96 in total for the four months. In the max package, you get an additional RedZone Channel and DirecTV which are not available in the prior package. You also get to have a 50% discount on the NFL Game Pass.

2. PlayStation Vue

This package is available in two plans, Access plan, and Core plan. The Access Plan is available even to the US. This plan charges $39 monthly and offers more than 50 channels that you get to enjoy. This is actually $10 more than what the other competitors are offering. The best thing is that they provide ESPN.Core plan is the other one where you add $ 5 a month to get additional channels.

Even if case Keenum starts at quarterbacks and plays well for Denver in this season, the schedule to combine talent with its own decision is to make a doubtful push. The Broncos will have to take care of their standing in the AFC West and meeting on them is not a big risk. They have what it takes to get the championships leave alone winning the match. Playing in Denver is never easy. Seahawks will have to lose in their first game.

Redskins vs Cardinals Live Stream: Week 1 Game Preview, Start time, TV info

Washington Redskins will be taking the Arizona Cardinals in the first week of the regular season NFL football.

Redskins vs Cardinals Live Stream

Redskins vs Cardinals NFL Regular Season Week 1 Game preview

Teams: Washington Redskin’s vs Arizona Cardinals
Venue: University of Phoenix Stadium
Time: 4:25 PM ET
Date: Sunday, September 9th, 2018
Radio: Sirius XM, Tune-In, Westwood One
Streaming Online: NFL Game Pass
Mobile: Through mobile applications
Shop: Tickets and NFL shop

For the first time since 2014, the Redskins will open up the season on the road. They are looking forward to having vengeance for their loss in the desert in two years that passed. This season marks the third consecutive year since the two organizations faced each other. The last time they faced each other, the Redskins defeated the Cardinals, with scores against 15 scores in week 15 in a relatively sloppy offensive game which highlighted some of the team’s youngest talents.

The defensive line man Antony Lanier got the breakoutafter having recorded two sacks. One of the sack had forced a fumble and batted down three passes at the line of scrimmage. The linebacker in the meanwhile Preston Smith grabbed the first interception of the season and returned it into Arizona’s territory, 18 yards.

There are many injuries that have been experienced through the running backs group last seasons, Kapri Bibbs, ad to sign as a free agent then worked alongside Samaje Perine in the backfield. At that position, he collected four passes for 47 yards and an extra touchdown on a 36-yard screen pass. The Redskins provided enough offense against the Cardinals offense side which missed one of the biggest weapons through the off season.

The Cardinal will now have to go without Pro Bowler Tyrann Mathieu. Bowler played 16 games last season and combined for 78 tackles, two interceptions and seven pass. In his five years with the Cardinals, he was able to record a total of 11 interceptions. 2015 was his best year that saw him record 89 tackles.

The greatest shakeup for the Cardinals will lie on the offense side. The quarterback position being held by Carson Palmer retired then the team decline the offer to move forward with Drew Santon and Blaine Gabbert. The Arizona team went ahead to sign in Sam Bradford and Mike Glenn to fill their vacancies. They also took the UCLA prospect Josh Rosen in the draft.

The hopes of the team now are in the return of their running back David Johnson which will help them a lot in their transition to the offense that will also help them ease a lot of burdens. The said Johnson is one of the premier dual threats in the backfield.

The team has received additions of Justin Pugh to the offensive line and the wide receiver, Brice Butler. The draft picks to the team are Christian Kirk as a wide receiver, Chase Edmonds as a running back. They will help out in filling up and supplant additional losses of John Brown and Adrian Peterson.

How to watch Washington Redskins vs Arizona Cardinals without Cable

1. Sling TV

Sling TV comes with two main packages, the orange and blue package. The blue package covers both the Sunday and Thursday night football. With the blue package, you can get FOX, NBC, NFL network and the Red zone channel. You only need to sign up for the $25 monthly Blue subscription. To have extra sports channels you can add $5 in the subscription.

The only thing you will not enjoy about the subscription is the ESPN thus you need to know what you want.

The orange package brings up the Monday Night Football. It’s a $20 subscription and it’s the cheapest of the Sling TV subscription plans.

2. NFL Game Pass

With NFL Game Pass, you get to watch NFL football without the use of the cables. You can even have access to watch the 256 regular NFL games with many other for only $99 per season. The package has a 7 free trial days. You can, therefore, purchase one and use it to watch your favorite games.

3. DirecTV Now

DirecTV brings many channels options being aware of the great competition in the streaming industry. It has actually become the most used streaming services on the market. Like the NFL game Pass, the product comes with a 7-day free trial.

Washington Redskins vs Arizona Cardinals Predictions

The 2018 pre-season is a learning one for the Arizona Cardinals. They are under a new coach, Steve Wilks, and his staff. The main problem lies with the offense side. They, therefore, need to figure out Mike McCoy’s playbook and the defense who will have to adapt to Al Holcomb’s Scheme. It may take weeks to be accomplished. It can even go through the entire season.

The Redskins have also done a makeover under center as well. This is through the shifting of Kirk Cousins to Alex Smith. It should, however, be a smooth transition with given similarities between the offenses of Smiths last two stops. In the previous season, the Cardinals had escaped with a 20 scores against 15 scores victory. At this point, the Kirk Cousins threw a pair of touchdowns against the defense team that was led by Patrick Peterson. In the same season, Gabbert also posted a 16-of-41 line.

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The first match of the Wilks era has been scheduled at home which will result in a win for the Cardinals. Remember Washington will have to fly cross-country. They then have to play for three hours behind the player’s body clocks as the teams try out the new quarterbacks. The home field, however, will take Washington Redskins will be taking Arizona Cardinals advantage to hold true for the Cardinals in the season’s opener. It will be a record: 1-0.

As we wind up, this year will be very different in the regular season fixtures. The results might even turn out to be very different. Both teams are undergoing through diverse makeover on key spots. Every team is in the hope of turning the corner and heading to the playoffs. Online betting will, therefore, have to take a different risk level. You can, however, watch the September NFL games in the comfort of your home without having to worry about the cabling.

Live streaming is as well available through various means like through the NFL Game Pass.You can as well get in touch with the football as it happens in the field. Book a ticket and enjoy the unaltered match from the stadium.

When is the Super Bowl 2019: Location, date, TV channel

Super Bowl 2019 promises to be an exciting event unlike any other out there. The details surrounding the event are going to be exciting in every way possible. Super Bowl 2019 date has captivated the attention of many fans out there. Super Bowl LIII is set to be an exciting event unlike any other out there. It will be the 53rd Super Bowl since the start of the big event itself.

When is the Super Bowl 2019

The last event showcased the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in a stellar game. The Philadelphia Eagles captured their first Super Bowl victory. Now any team could be given the same honors next year.

When is the Super Bowl 2019 going to take place?

It will happen on February 3rd, 2019 for many fans in the world. True fans are eager to see the event unfold live and in front of an audience. It is set to take place in Atlanta, GA in front of a large crowd as well. That will be the third Super Bowl event held in the city of Atlanta. Previous events have been a success and a boon for the city on the whole. Fans are eager to see which teams win the right to appear at that Super Bowl 2019 Location.

The venue has also been chosen for the Super Bowl 2019 location. The Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be the focal point of the big event. That is proving to be a popular draw for those interested. The Mercedes Benz Stadium has seen big time events in the past. That venue tends to host the annual SEC championship game between top ranked teams. It is perfectly suited for a large scale football championship with the NFL. Television companies are waiting to broadcast the Super Bowl 2019 date for fans. Legions of dedicated fans are sure to show up on site.

The NFL owners took three votes to choose the Super Bowl 2019 date and place. The Super Bowl 2019 location was a coveted choice that everyone seemed to envy. Atlanta was chosen and the city was jubilant as a result. That explains why the decision was drawn out and hard for many people out there. The owners wanted to find the right location for the Super Bowl 2019 date. That decision was reached in May of 2016 with a committee. That demonstrated that the owners took the consideration seriously in full. There were four finalist cities to host that important event at the end. Atlanta was the top choice among a majority of the NFL owners.

The Super Bowl 2019 location will be used for all related events. The half time show is a popular event and is sure to draw in a big crowd too. Fans are sure to show up well before the game itself is set to start. Kick off usually takes place around mid day on the big date. The Super Bowl 2019 date will be announced during the regular season. Teams will have to compete and proceed during the playoffs to appear in the big game itself too. That will be sure to entice a lot of fans who want to follow the action.

Read some of the comments and fan support about the location. The Atlanta Falcons play their games in that stadium and city as well. They have played well and appeared in a few Super Bowl events of their own. The team has yet to win a Super Bowl championship, but will be eager to change that soon. Their fans are waiting to see what kind of events take place at their home town stadium. Each team will vie to make an appearance at the Super Bowl 2019 location.

Catch the action on live national television if possible. CBS is the network that has the rights to that particular Super Bowl. CBS will broadcast the event live and all across the United States as well. Radio coverage will also be provided when the kick off begins. Expect commentary to start shortly before the game officially begins as well. Streaming television coverage is another real possibility for dedicated fans to follow. Look for streaming websites to showcase the Super Bowl 2019 location very soon as well. That will appeal to dedicated fans who want to catch the action as it unfolds.