Why You Should Watch Puppy Bowl 2019

puppy bowl 2019

Who won’t fall in love with puppies trying to imitate the Super Bowl? The Puppy Bowl 2019 is the alternate Super Bowl which features cute puppies on Animal Planet. Started in 2005, it began to draw attention from some audiences, and in the following years, the show managed to score high ratings. Now the show has become one of the top family show in the US and the main show for afternoon fun for kids of all ages. Lots of puppies dressed in football-themed costumes are ready to give you the cutest animal football game ever. This is why you have to have this show together with your children.

Puppy Bowl 2019 features a lot of puppies playing in a custom stadium, the GEICO stadium. There is no audience here, but instead, lots of “canned” spectators who could cheer for them. The stadium has lots of cameras attached to the various part inside and outside the field to make sure that every exciting movement from the puppies gets recorded. Aside from the canned audience and cameras, there is also one human referee to make sure that the match between the two teams goes well.

The game itself is an edited version of the pre-taped match which features the highlights and funny scenes. Besides the puppies players, in 2010, the show added bunnies for the cheers, and since then more animals are becoming the cheers squad for each game. Puppy Bowl usually has a pregame show which begins at 2 PM ET before the main show starts at 3 PM ET. Just like the real Super Bowl, this Puppy Bowl 2019 also has a half-time show featuring cute kitties.

This game is not just about the alternative of Super Bowl which often contains violence in the clashes between the players, this is an action-packed animal sport with cuteness overload.

If you have been missing the show, you can always watch the previous episodes on AnimalPlanet website and choose which highlights you want to see. Besides the puppies, there would also be the Dog Bowl which is pretty similar to puppy bowl, but in this game, the ones featured are the older rescue dogs. Those rescue dogs are not only more intelligent, but they all are also well-trained, and it is possible to have more exciting moments from them.

This game is not just a show for fun without concerning the animals, there are more preparations to prevent the animals from being harassed or injured. During the production, there is always an on-site veterinarian to ensure the puppies’ safety and well-being, besides, if it is needed anytime, veterinarian care could be immediately applied.

There are also representatives from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and from the shelters which the featured animals come from plus the observer to ensure the welfare standard for animals are maintained. If you need something to be shown to your kids, the Puppy Bowl 2019 could be your best option instead of the Super Bowl.

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