When is the Super Bowl 2019: Location, date, TV channel

When is the Super Bowl 2019

Super Bowl 2019 promises to be an exciting event unlike any other out there. The details surrounding the event are going to be exciting in every way possible. Super Bowl 2019 date has captivated the attention of many fans out there. Super Bowl LIII is set to be an exciting event unlike any other out there. It will be the 53rd Super Bowl since the start of the big event itself.

The last event showcased the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in a stellar game. The Philadelphia Eagles captured their first Super Bowl victory. Now any team could be given the same honors next year.

When is the Super Bowl 2019 going to take place?

It will happen on February 3rd, 2019 for many fans in the world. True fans are eager to see the event unfold live and in front of an audience. It is set to take place in Atlanta, GA in front of a large crowd as well. That will be the third Super Bowl event held in the city of Atlanta. Previous events have been a success and a boon for the city on the whole. Fans are eager to see which teams win the right to appear at that Super Bowl 2019 Location.

The venue has also been chosen for the Super Bowl 2019 location. The Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be the focal point of the big event. That is proving to be a popular draw for those interested. The Mercedes Benz Stadium has seen big time events in the past. That venue tends to host the annual SEC championship game between top ranked teams. It is perfectly suited for a large scale football championship with the NFL. Television companies are waiting to broadcast the Super Bowl 2019 date for fans. Legions of dedicated fans are sure to show up on site.

The NFL owners took three votes to choose the Super Bowl 2019 date and place. The Super Bowl 2019 location was a coveted choice that everyone seemed to envy. Atlanta was chosen and the city was jubilant as a result. That explains why the decision was drawn out and hard for many people out there. The owners wanted to find the right location for the Super Bowl 2019 date. That decision was reached in May of 2016 with a committee. That demonstrated that the owners took the consideration seriously in full. There were four finalist cities to host that important event at the end. Atlanta was the top choice among a majority of the NFL owners.

The Super Bowl 2019 location will be used for all related events. The half time show is a popular event and is sure to draw in a big crowd too. Fans are sure to show up well before the game itself is set to start. Kick off usually takes place around mid day on the big date. The Super Bowl 2019 date will be announced during the regular season. Teams will have to compete and proceed during the playoffs to appear in the big game itself too. That will be sure to entice a lot of fans who want to follow the action.

Read some of the comments and fan support about the location. The Atlanta Falcons play their games in that stadium and city as well. They have played well and appeared in a few Super Bowl events of their own. The team has yet to win a Super Bowl championship, but will be eager to change that soon. Their fans are waiting to see what kind of events take place at their home town stadium. Each team will vie to make an appearance at the Super Bowl 2019 location.

Catch the action on live national television if possible. CBS is the network that has the rights to that particular Super Bowl. CBS will broadcast the event live and all across the United States as well. Radio coverage will also be provided when the kick off begins. Expect commentary to start shortly before the game officially begins as well. Streaming television coverage is another real possibility for dedicated fans to follow. Look for streaming websites to showcase the Super Bowl 2019 location very soon as well. That will appeal to dedicated fans who want to catch the action as it unfolds.

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